Studio Illumine and Light IQ Receives Honorable Mention

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Recently, Studio Illumine and design partner Light IQ was awarded Honorable Mention by Lit Design Awards on January 3, 2021.

LIT Lighting Design Awards was created to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting implementers.

The LIT Jury board members of 33 experts evaluated all submissions from 43 countries based on highest current lighting design standards, trends and truly visionary designers showcasing creativity and innovation.

The project that garnered Studio Illumine, the Honorable Mention was SKP – Beijing High End Luxury Fashion Concept.

The unique and extravagant retail environment was intended to disrupt the way we experience luxury retail: a futuristic utopia to showcase global luxury brands.

Light IQ & Studio Illumine were challenged to design to a program of 12 months from concept to completion in Beijing. Lighting design had to be innovative but practical as the retail avenues are intended to change content every 4 months.

Innovative solutions include corridors with 10 lux average, in order to maximize exposure of shopfronts, as well as white tunable lighting, in order to connect the customer experience with the time of the day. New designed signages are a significant departure from the conventional way of signage lighting, Tenant’s guidelines produce, ensure maximum contrast between circulation lighting and store interior views. Art installations, robots and futuristic props assisted in the look of the areas, designed to showcase the peak of high technology. These installations serve as the perfect backdrop for social media interaction. Equipment were locally sourced, individually approved and tested to avoid compromise in quality. Upon installation meticulous adjustments and refocusing were made on site.

Below are some photos of the SKP Beijing Project.