Get to Know Our S.I. Senior Lighting Designer, KoZen

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Can you usually guess what industry a man works in with his look and fashion? KoZen dresses up cool with his dark colored clothes, either black or grey, tight denim jeans and trendy sneakers. Minimal but fashionable. Introducing KoZen Zhang, the chill Senior Lighting Designer of Studio Illumine.

Let us get to know him better:

Where are you from? What university did you go to and what course did you take?

I’m from Shanghai of China. Shanghai Jiahua Education College, major in art and design.

Why did you choose a career in design?

Creativity and Passion, every time you finish a project, you feel a sense of joy and satisfaction.

KoZen is known to be one of the people who have been in the company for a long time although with his youthful skin and appearance it isn’t obvious.

Before working at Studio Illumine, you were working for an interior design practice, how many years were you working there? How old were you and what was your job title then?

2 years. 29 years old. Lighting designer.

After being at the interior design practice for 2 years why did you decide to move to Studio Illumine? What is your job title now?

Because I want to be in a company that solely focuses on lighting design. Senior lighting designer/Design Manager.

Who is your favorite colleague at SI and Why?

Tangtang, learning new skills, have an optimistic attitude, and a serious attitude to work.

What was the difference of SI and the Interior Design Practice?

The types of projects are different, the challenges are different, and working in different studios will enrich your experience with different kinds of projects.

KoZen is a multifaceted and multitalented man. There are many things that he does in his spare time.

Apart from work what are your hobbies

Travel and Movies. In every journey you will encounter new things, whether it is good or bad is an experience and learning, these experiences are also enough to guide your own creativity.

As mentioned earlier, KoZen exudes a chill and cool façade.

Your name is so cool, Kozen, where did you get it?

When I woke up from a dream, the name came, just kidding, my name came from a friend .

Not only is your name cool but your look too, where did you get your inspiration for your fashion and look?

My inspiration comes from myself. Be yourself and do what you like. As a designer, shouldn’t I have my own personality? Only works created by unique personality will make unique.

Caohejing Kehui Project, 2015 

What is the most iconic project you worked on and why?

Caohejing Kehui exterior façade lighting, because its architectural features are relatively simple and unique, and the exterior lighting photos of this project are also used as reference pictures by peers, it is also recognized.

Being as talented as KoZen, surely he has a promising path to success.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? And, where do you see SI in 5 years?

Keep growing and learning on the road of design.

From the beginning to a team, the growth of SI is obvious to all, and the current awareness and importance of lighting design has also undergone significant changes with me just joining the lighting design industry, so I believe this team will richer in diversity on the growth path in the next 5 years.

If you had a 2nd life what would you be and why?

If I had a 2nd life I would be electricity to be vital and make everyone’s life better, faster and full of light

Hope you got to see a glimpse of KoZen, the Senior Lighting Designer of Studio Illumine. If you are intrigued about him go visit him at the office. Better yet, bring your project to SI and so you can meet Kozen in person and be assured of a beautifully light designed office.