A Sneak Peek on SI’s Upcoming Projects

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As we roll into mid of 2021, we look back at a very busy May and what the team has been up to….

Huma finally opens at Kerry Center 3We collaborated with Tom Yu Studio, the mastermind behind Bloom, has finally opened its doors. This minimal but elegantly detailed space houses suspended bespoke ceremic bowls, crafted in the Porcelain Capital of China, Jingdezhen.

Flagship store of Harmay in Beijing opens!

We collaborated with architects from AIM. This one-of-a-kind store is half retail, half art gallery. Set in a disused underground warehouse setting, customers comb through cosmetics piled in metal hops and wheel barrows.

California Beauty

Another project we did recently was California Beauty. Being true to its name, the clinic’s beauty was achieved with the lighting applied by our team.

We have been preoccupied with several projects. Stay tuned as each project will be featured in the coming article posts.