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Our senses are most in tune when we feel great from the inside-out. When we feel great, it radiates on our appearance. When we look great, our confidence grows and empowers us. The lighting design aims to create a sanctuary for the senses, to make one feel and look great through the touch of lighting.

The experience begins at the reception area, where soft, diffused lighting is used to create a calm environment for visitors to ease into a peaceful state of mind upon arriving from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan. Ceiling light boxes with neutral white light is used to create this effect. The lighting temperature is carefully tuned to maintain neutral tones of the skin and to avoid casting harsh shadows on the face.

The lighting of the space embraces visitors gently, creating a pleasant mood from indirect lighting sources – from embedded wall lights, window frame lighting, cove lighting and furniture lighting. The usage of recessed downlights is limited to the minimum.

The lighting is also functional – Ambient color-changing light is used to show the availability of treatment rooms along the corridor. Inside the treatment room, lighting is provided by ceiling and wall cove lights.

In order to maintain a no-glare environment, wall sconces are mounted in specific areas to provide sufficient lighting. Inside the staff area, shelf lighting is used as the main lighting source to perform tasks without casting undesirable shadows. The lighting design compliments the interior design, both minimal and sleek.

Project Details:

Location of the Project: Beijing

Completion Date: May

Design Team:  Carlos Galan, Eric Zhang

Interior Design: Unfoldesign

Photography: Unfoldesign