Western Academy of Beijing

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A kids-focused lighting scenario is designed for the WAB canteen with the wellbeing of learning kids in mind. Various lighting settings are tailored to various scale requirements of a big community-learning space.

The overall warm light setting creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere in a large atrium space, ensuring that kids feel safe and protected, reducing feelings of insecurities in a learning environment.

The atrium light feature mimics a flock of birds flying upwards – LED rope light is run along the silhouettes of the birds, enhancing it as a spatial highlight. The light glow also gives each bird a sense of lightness.

LED uplights and downlights are used to illuminate the timber screens that weave through the atrium in hues of red, accentuating the gradual change of colour tones.

The interior designers designed multicolor house-shaped coves for smaller groups and for more enclosure. The outline is lit up with concealed LED linear profile, giving each cove a soft glow, highlighting each color and also eliminating the fear of darkness in kids. Contemporary lantern lights are used in each cove to generate a cultural relationship between the kids and the Chinese culture.

As it is a renovation project, light fixtures in the kitchen and corridor are reused by replacing their LED chips as a sustainable measure.

The lighting design does not only complement the interior design aesthetics, it is also optimally designed function-wise to bring the best out of kids under different settings, whether it be learning, playing or resting.

Project Details:

Location of the Project: Beijing

Completion Date: April 2021

Design Team:  Carlos Galan & Shiny Kuang

Interior Design: anySCALE

Acoustic Engineering: Delhom Acoustique

Photography:  Vincent Wi