Featured Project: New Wave at UCCA

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Studio Illumine has joint forces with interiors studio Linehouse once again, to create the lighting ambience for The New Wave by Da Vittorio- an Italian fine dining restaurant located in the UCCA Edge Museum in Shanghai.

The interiors are designed in the new wave art movement, in resonance to its name. New wave is a 20th century art movement in China born out of bold experimentations between Eastern and Western culture that launched Chinese art into the modern art scene.

The main lighting feature is in the woven ceiling which stretches from the entrance to the dining space. The ceiling fins are made up of Japanese triaxle fabric in woven texture and repetitively sequenced in rhythmically sized arches, creating a vaulted volume that gives softness to the space. The lighting design further enhances the airiness with an up-lit effect. This ethereal mood also serves as a smooth transition as the enclosed space opens up to the bright sky lit terrace space.

Focused lighting is provided by Great Lighting, 1 the white aluminum ball lights that hang subtly between the woven layers. BOCCI hand-blown glass pendants float above the counter as lighting ornaments, adding a touch of subdued elegance to the space.

The restaurant is located in the UCCA museum, hence the lighting temperature in the galleries are predominantly in cool white. We equipped the restaurants’ lighting with adjustable white lighting so that it blends harmoniously with the gallery in the day. As the restaurant continues to operate after the museum’s closing hours, the lighting is tuned to a warmer, dimmer ambience for an intimate dining experience.

In the terrace, suspended pendants are used as they integrate seamlessly into the space, ‘disappearing’ in the daylight and ‘reappearing’ at dusk as a feature and illuminate the dining space below.


Location of the Project: Shanghai

Completion Date: January 2022

Design Team: Azlan Nazam, Eric Zhang, Viva Cao, Shiny Kuang

Interior Design: Linehouse

Photography: Jonathan Leijonhufvud