Lighting Tips for Lockdown

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Lighting is key to keeping your mood and productivity levels high. It also helps you relax and switch-off when you need to.

Most importantly it helps brighten up spaces at home during lockdown.

Here are some tips to achieve just that:

Lighting can help boost motivation levels. It has been proven there is a strong link between lighting and productivity. It shows that people work better in bright spaces. Have a desk light (it would be great if your lamp has an adjustable stem & head with a dimmer to control lighting levels throughout the day) beside your computer to create a brighter office zone. If you do not have a desk light then try working close to a large window.

Lighting can boost moods. Take lighting into consideration, whether you’re teaching your kids at the kitchen table or going through emails in your study. Think about what activities and what time they are done in each room. For example, in the morning, brighter lights will set a cheerful mood and encourage activity and alertness.

Mirrors can increase the amount of natural light cast into a room. Hang mirrors on the wall next to a window or rest them against a side table. An instant quick fix that will double the amount of light coming into a room.

When we spend longer periods of time at home, sleeping patterns can become somewhat disrupted. As the lines between work, play and family life blur together, it can be harder to switch off at night — especially if we’re heading to bed later than usual.

Use blackout curtains or blinds to block light getting through your window. Or you can look to add Velcro strips on either side of the window to hold the curtain against the wall, preventing any light coming through. Or you can simply close the curtains.

After a busy day juggling work and taking care of the kids, etc. is complete, there is nothing better than dozing off deeply in an undisturbed sleep.

We at Studio Illumine hope that these tips will prove to be helpful in your homes during this lockdown.

In the meantime, keep lighting up!