About Us

Lighting is a fundamental element to good design and must be considered at the conception of all architectural and interior design. At Studio Illumine, we believe the best lighting solution is one that enhances the design and experience of a space. It is developed through an understanding of the latest technology available, lighting codes, sustainability and a keen sense of the built environment. It is about creating ambience through light and shade. Our team succeeds in creating comfortable environments because we value balanced, meaningful, and integrated light.

Studio Illumine was founded in Shanghai in 2012 and is comprised of an international team of lighting designers. Our team members come from varied design backgrounds, from interior design to theatre and retail design. In an industry saturated with engineers, we have thoughtfully picked each member due of their background and passion in design and because at Studio Illumine, we work as a team.

Studio Illumine is independent and unaffiliated from manufacturers. Our choices and recommendations are guided by our purpose to create well-designed space and our belief that design comes first.

Design Partnership



Studio Illumine and Light IQ have formed a design partnership on some selected projects. London based Light IQ is an award-winning lighting design practice with myriad of projects across the commercial and residential sectors. Our partnership is to forge and exchange new and innovative ideas on design, as well as achieving seamless integration in project implementation and realization in the region.

The Team

Azlan Nazam
Founder & Director

Azlan Nazam trained and practiced interior design for a decade prior to starting his career in lighting design. He recognized the essential role lighting played in architecture and design and went on to complete a Masters degree in architectural lighting design. Having practiced lighting design in the UK and Asia, he founded the Studio Illumine office in Shanghai in 2012. He believes that lighting is a fundamental element to good design and must be considered at the conception of all architectural and interior design processes.

Carlos Galan
Associate Director
(Lighting Designer)

Eric Zhang
Associate Director
(Design Management)

Kozen Zhang
Senior Lighting Designer/Design Manager

Viva Tsao
Lighting Designer/Design Manager

Jennifer Yan
Finance/Human Resource

Jimmy Van
Lighting Designer

Tangli Tang
Junior Lighting Designer

Aditi Chheda
Lighting Designer

Jack Hu
Technical Designer